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Managed IT Services

XpressteX is one of the only few IT Consulting Companies which can provide all IT aspects of a business under one roof.

Let it Server Support, Network Support, Desktop Support, Email Hosting or the latest trends of Cloud Computing we have got it all covered.

When it comes to IT Support in Melbourne we have got all of our technicians who are Microsoft and Apple Certified Systems Administrator and can give you the best results available.

Apple/Windows Environment

In today’s environment most of the Businesses require IT Support to all of their equipment which includes Windows Desktop PCS, Mobile Devices as well as Apple iMac, Mac Books and support for Apple Servers.

All of our technicians are Certified in Apple Desktop Support as well and have got years of experience in integrating Apples I in Windows Server Environment or Windows Desktops in Apple Infrastructure.

To discuss your requirements for Apply Support please give us a call and speak to our Friendly Staff Member on 1300 991 030


Microsoft Office 365

In today’s environment every business Primary form of Communication is Email.

Microsoft has developed its strong presence in hosting Emails for Businesses and Individuals.

Few of the benefits of hosting emails to Microsoft Data Centred are:

  • Rock Solid Reliability
  • Large Storage of Mailboxes, upto 50 GB.
  • Geographical Data Centre Disaster Recovery

At XpressteX we have partnered with Microsoft to provide the best methods of transition of your typical emails to hosted mailboxes to Microsoft Data Centres.

In The Cloud

Cloud Solutions offer quite a few benefits, few of which are:


Cloud based services give flexibility, businesses these days want to offer their clients more and more flexibility.

Increased Efficiency:

As the resources are being utilized from Unified Data Centres, cloud providers can lease them to other clients as well, and they can then divide the costs amongst the other clients.

Because the Hardware/Infrastructure is not onsite at Clients Premises hence the TCO is always predictable.


It is more reliable as normally all the infrastructure is located in a Tier 3 Data Centre.

At XpressteX we Offer a Complete Range of Cloud Computing.

Please Call us at 1300 991 030 for more information.


Website Development

XpressteX has helped many businesses in generating their identity on the internet by developing their Websites.

Website for any business is the actual face of the business.

We do not like to confuse our clients with technical jargon as we believe all the technical stuff should be dealt internally.

If you would like an identity on the internet please feel free to call us on 1300 991 030 and speak to one of our friendly Staff Members.

Business IT Audit

XpressteX Offers Managed IT Support Services for Businesses free of cost which includes:

  • IT Equipment Inspection
  • Network Security
  • Anti-Virus Audit
  • Employee Productivity Audit
  • Physical Connection Audit

Give us a call on 1300 991 030 and speak to our Account Manager to organise and audit for your business.


Moving Into New Office

Ever tried to sort out everything from Phones to Computers when moving Offices?

XpressteX can handle all of this on your behalf. As we have got a lot of experience in terms of setting new clients into their new locations and help them make right decisions in terms of their communication needs, we can guarantee that we would be able to answer all your difficult questions.

We assign a dedicated Project Manager who can deal with all the Vendors on your behalf. Please call us on 1300 991 030 to speak your dedicated Project Manager.

Medical Centres

Medical Centres these days require extensive IT Support including support for the Industry specific software e.g.

  • Medical Director
  • Prac soft

Our technicians have had a lot experience in setting up Server Side Software and client Side Software on Workstations.

We can help the clients from initial setup of the Server to customizing the Software according to clients requirements.

For further requirements please call us on 1300 991 030.

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