How to choose a new IT support provider in 7 easy steps

Deciding on a new IT provider can be tough and there are quite a few factors that should be taken into account.

First of all let's talk about why would you as Business Owner and Office Manager looking for a new IT provider.

  • Current Provider is slow and giving bad service.
  • You have had a security breach within your IT Systems.
  • You feel that technology is the bottleneck within your business and limiting your growth.

Now, I will mention 7 questions you need to ask any new IT provider about their business before you sign an IT support contract.

  1. What is Your average time to respond Mr. IT Support provider?

Any decent IT Support Provider in Melbourne and Australia should have this well documented and this should be part of their IT Systems and Help Desk Systems which they use internally.

2. What's your average time to fix a problem Mr. IT Support in Melbourne?

Of course, it mainly depends on the issue and is a difficult question to answer, however this should be provided from the data in their Help Desk System.

3. Are Your Services Stable MR. IT Support?

The main reason for a question like this is that you are trying to get information on their staff turnover, why? Because you would want a primary engineer for your IT Infrastructure in your business. As otherwise every new person would need to know information about your IT Infrastructure and this is not productive at all.

4. How often will I see you Mr. IT Support Provider?

All of the decent IT Support providers do Technology Business Reviews with their clients at least once every 3 months, this gives you as a business owner decent information about your IT and which way your technology is going.

5. How do you keep up with Technology Mr IT Support?

It is no use having an Old dog who has not learnt any new tricks, is it? It is imperative that you find out from your IT provider that how do they keep up with the latest technology trends.

6. What is Your Value Add IT Service Company?

By this point in the meeting you have extracted a lot of information and would have come to some form of decision in your head.

This particular question will help you gain some information in their Unique Selling point.

If the only difference is that they are cheap then please avoid this provider. Technology is an investment in your business, Low investments do not give good returns.

7. What is your pricing Mr. IT Support Service Provider?

Yes, normally they would have their pricing at the end of the proposal, but what does it actually include? Does it include Cyber Security or Cloud Backups.

To help you with this exercise we have come up with a scorecard. Download it here.

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