Password Managers are they safe to use?

Couple of weeks ago there were stories about the security flaw in one of the most popular password managers called LastPass.

The Company denied this security breach, it is possible that some of the people who suffered the breach and reported were using their old accounts with master password which they would have used with other services.

Do you use a password manager in your business?

Do you know what an acutal password manager is?

The averager person has hundreds of online services they use now or have used in the past. If you are a business owner or manager, you may have many more.

To login to each of these sites, you would need your username which in most cases is your email address and password on top of this for added security you should have something like multi-factor authentication, where you enter a code from another device to prove it's really you - these are the main weapons for stopping cyber criminal from accessing your accounts.

Hackers find it easy to get email addresses of course, and have become very sophisticated at it. They use automated attack software.

For example, they might try a common word attack, where they try thousands of everyday words as the password. It's why using your pet's name, child's name or favourite sports team is not a good idea.

They may also try a brute force attack, where they try millions of combinations of characters.

The easiest way for a hacker to get in is to discover a password you use on one service, and try it on all your other services. If you reuse passwords, it only takes one service to have a breach and all of your services are at risk.

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