What is Ransomware?

One of the most dangerous forms of Virus/Malware circulating on the Internet is called "Ransomware".Ransomware is known by many different names, with a few of them being called:

  • Crypto Locker
  • Teslacrypt
  • Crypto Virus

How does it infect my computer system?

These Ransomware variants are usually downloaded to your computer through hoax emails. Once the user opens the email, the virus encrypts all of the files into a special format and then sends the decryption key to the malicious individual who has sent you the email.

How can this be avoided?

Here are a few tips to reduce the chances of your system becoming a victim.

  • Do not open emails from any unknown sender. One way to check this is to look at the full email address, rather than only the display name.
  • Avoid opening any sort of file attachment, unless you are certain the sender is trustworthy, especially EXE or ZIP files!
  • If for some reason your computer does get infected with Ransomware, you should immediately switch it off and then do an offline recovery of files.
  • If you are not sure how to do this, please give us a call and we would be more than happy to assist. Our contact number is 1300 991 030.

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