Data Recovery Campbellfield

Data Recovery Campbellfield

XpressteX offers great Data Recovery Services around Melbourne and Campbellfied Area.

Data Recovery is a very specialized industry and if not performed correctly can cost the any Company a lot of money and/or loss of productivity and complete data loss.

Sometimes after a data loss a business cannot recover at all, therefore the best strategy is to have a valid and most decent backup of the most business critical data available.

In an instance there is no backup, then you can contact us here to organize a quote for your data recovery service.

XpressteX Offers data recovery in 3 different stages.

Stage 1:

We analyse the damage of the hard drive using our special testing tools.

After this we give customer a call and give them a fixed price to recover the data.

We do not charge by the hour as we believe it is not fair to do so.

Stage 2:

We start the data recovery process in our Workshop in Campbellfield.

Once we have all the data we then make 2 copies of the data on our backup servers.

Stage 3:

In stage 3 we deliver the data back to the customer and destroy the data on our backup servers because of privacy laws.


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