Data Recovery Melbourne

Data Recovery Melbourne

XpressTex offers extensive services for Data Recovery Melbourne, from our workshop located in Campbellfield.

Data Recovery is a very specialized industry and if not performed correctly can cost companies a lot of money, especially if it involves complete data loss and the associated reduction of productivity.

Sometimes after data loss occurs, a business cannot recover at all. So the best strategy is to have a recent backup of the most mission critical data the business uses. In cases where there is no backup, then you should contact us to organize a quote for your data recovery service.

Our data recovery process is simple and straightforward.


Stage 1 : Analysis

We analyse the degree to which the hard drive is damaged using our special testing tools. After this we call the customer and quote them a fixed price to recover the data. We do not charge by the hour, as we believe it is not fair to do so.


Stage 2 : Recovery

We start the data recovery process at our workshop in Campbellfield. Once we have recovered as much of the data as possible, we then make two copies of the data on our backup servers.


Stage 3 : Delivery

We deliver the data back to the customer and destroy the data on our backup servers in order to comply with Australian privacy laws.


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For additional information please call us today, and find out about our free offer of 1 Month of Network and Server Monitoring!* Conditions apply.


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