Different Types of Computer Repair Services

Different Types of Computer Repair Services

Running a business or using your computer a lot? Even though they are quite reliable these days, computers still require ongoing maintenance and repairs to ensure they continue to function properly.

There are many computer repair services available in Melbourne. Some of them include on-site repairs, as well as online repairs (also known as Remote Computer Repairs). There are also repair centers which are fully equipped to deal with a wide range of computer issues. Let’s look at the different types of repair services in detail.


Online computer repair

Online computer repairs have become quite popular, as they can be performed on any computer connected to the Internet, with the client’s permission. The technician requests access from the client, connects to their computer and fixes the issues the client is dealing with, before disconnecting from the client’s computer and allowing the client to resume work on their computer. Since the technician does not have to travel to the client’s premises, repairs can be performed when they are most convenient for the client. This repair method is quite affordable compared to other options. However, for more complex issues like hardware that needs replacement, this method is unsuitable.


Computer diagnosis over the telephone

Another way of troubleshooting computer problems is over the phone. The process is simple. The technician guides the client step-by-step, following a procedure to identify the problem and then giving instructions to fix the problem, until it has been resolved by the client. The client can also be assisted with face-to-face directions using a webcam, where the technician can be shown the problem the client is dealing with.


Onsite computer repair

Onsite computer repair is normally done when the issue is complex and requires some kind of hardware replacement. In some instances, the client and technician are unable to solve the problem over the phone or online, so Onsite computer repairs can resolve those issues in a slightly longer timeframe. These kinds of computer repairs in Melbourne cost a bit more than Online computer repair, but can resolve issues Online computer repair cannot.


Types of Repair Companies

There are different kinds of computer repair companies out there. Some specialize in specific software and hardware whereas others have broad knowledge of all kinds of hardware. Some have advanced skills for repairing laptops, while others have specialised knowledge of servers and mainframes of various brands.


Custom-Built Computers

These companies specify, build and configure a fully-customised computer with hardware including all of the components inside the computer. Components include the processor (or CPU), motherboard, power supply, hard drive or solid state drive (SSD), memory and graphics card. These companies can build the computer the customer requests.


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