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Apple iMac Setup & Troubleshooting

Apple has come a long way since its first launch.

Most of the residential users now prefer to use Apple Machinery at home for the simple reason of its simplicity and reliability.

With keeping this in mind a lot of users have still got their Windows Machines as well.

We can assist you with integrating all of your Apple and Windows Devices in a single network making it easier for you to share information amongst the other machines at home.

With our Apple Certified Technicians you can be sure we would be able to provide assistance for you in every instance.

Just call us on 1300 991 030 or visit us www.xpresstex.com.au for further information

Computer Virus Removal

We can offer you assistance with removing all of the nasty viruses and malware from your machine.

XpressteX offers great express service to come down to your place and clean your computer as well as installing Anti-Virus to further protect your machine.

All of our technicians have got vast experience in dealing with all sorts of malware and viruses out on the internet these days.

You can be assured to have your machine in health condition in the least amount of downtime.

Illustration of a destructive computer virus infecting a computer

Wireless & Network Setup

Our Residential Team can help you with setup of your new internet connection.

We can come to you and install that new Modem/Router and hookup all of your devices to the single Wifi Connection for you.

Data Recovery

Have you ever been in a situation when you have lost your precious data from your computer?

We can help….

We have got specialist technicians who can fully diagnose and recover the data for you and copy it to a DVD or any external drive.

Call us now on 1300 991 030 or visit www.xpresstex.com.au to book our Data Recovery Service.

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Computer Security 

Prefer doing banking from the comfort of your own home?

How much thought have you given to the security of your machine?

You can give us a call to come out to your place to fully secure your Home Network and make sure that your Home Computer Security is spot on.

Hardware Updates and Support

Ever thought of upgrading that 10 year old machine, but are not doing it for the loss of data?

We have got tremendous experience in getting that new machine for you, customized for your own specific needs.

We come down install the new machine for you as well as migrate all your data and install the printers and all other peripherals for you.


Windows Installations and Repair

According to a recent research conducted by Microsoft, every Windows Machine should at least have Windows Installation happen once  a year.

Main reason behind this is that we continue to install all sorts of different programmes and Tools onto our Windows machine, which in turn keep on changing the registry of the Windows Installation.

Registry is the core of any Windows installation; any PC would need a perfect registry to run smoothly.

If you believe your machine is not running smoothly, give us a call to come to your site and re-install Windows for you for a fixed price.

Printer Setup & Troubleshooting

Bought that new printer, but not really sure how to hook it up.

You can give us call come to have it all installed for you.

We can come have that printer installed and tested for printing and scanning and then have it all explained to you in all plain English terms.



Onsite Computer Repairs & Troubleshooting


XpressteX offers rapid onsite computer repairs and troubleshooting all across Melbourne Metro areas.

Let it be :

  • New Internet Setups.
  • NBN Setups.
  • Switching to different Internet Provider.
  • Email Setups.
  • New Computer Setups.

All of our Technicians are Microsoft Certified and have got all the tools of trade to offer you a completely personalized solutions and services based on you requirements.

Just call us on 1300 991 030 or visit us www.xpresstex.com.au for further information.

IT Equipment Maintenance and Integration

Now is the time to start using the power of technology.

With all the smartphones / tablets / Laptops / Ipads / Desktops the integration seems to be very important and this is where we can assist you.

We can help you with installing and configuring all of these devices for you as we know when working together all of these devices can be of real help to you.

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