Hosted Emails Vs Onsite Emails

Hosted Emails Vs Onsite Emails

Emails these days is primary form of communication these days.

Businesses cannot operate without a rock solid email solution.

Email communication started around 20 years ago taking over from faxes. With the passage of time fax machines slowly phased out yet still in operation however most the people now rely on emails.

Another step forward is Emails in the Cloud or hosted Emails. For your proper email solution contact us at XpressTex we would be able to provide you with IT Services Melbourne Wide

The 2 of the most common email solutions for any business these days are:

  • Onsite Emails.
  • Offsite/Hosted Emails.


We will discuss both these email solutions in detail below:

  • Onsite EmailsAs this server gave a one stop shop to have:
    • Shared Folders
    • Active Directory
    • User Access Control
    • Print Server
  • Onsite Emails or Onsite Exchange emails more precisely became most common with Microsoft Small Business Server 2003.

This solution gave the client access to Microsoft Exchange Solution, through which SMB were able to host their own email server in house.

Downside of this email solution is that the server is always maintained on-site which means, if there is no internet there would be no emails.

If you look to purchase a new server give us a call at 1300 991 030 or book online for a free tech consultation as we provide Business IT Support Australia Wide.

  • Offsite/Hosted Emails


With the introduction of network printers and NAS Drives and Cloud Storage e.g. Drop Box, One Drive, Google Drive the need of onsite file storage server started to decrease more and more.

However with the introduction of smart phones and the concept of working remotely, the need for a better/faster and reliable email solution started to increase more and more.

With this in mind Microsoft released their best solution so far name Office 365.

What Office 365 does is takes the exchange email concept onto their Data Centres which are Geo-Redundant.

This option also eliminates the need of having a Onsite Server for emails.

With Rock Solid Reliability and connectivity to all devices as well as tablets emails are uniform and in sync including

  • Calendars
  • Tasks
  • Notes
  • Contacts
  • Sent Items
  • Inbox

If you would like to discuss in detail about Hosted emails please contact us or drop us an email at


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