How to Use Zoom Securely

How to Use Zoom Securely

There has been a lot of bad press in recent months surrounding this popular online meeting platform.

The lockdown changed the communication to a very different method i.e. Remote Learning and Remote Working.

Zoom because of its popularity and ease of usage received an influx of demand. 

The popularity of the product outran the developers who could make the product more secure.

With several security challenges discovered the team at Zoom worked hard to patch everything.

In this article, I will cover the important steps you need to take whilst organizing the meeting for your business and/or work.


First and foremost never publish your meeting room.

Every time you create a meeting through zoom you will have a meeting room url which is unique to your account only. 

The problems arise when you publish this url on public platforms such as facebook, eventbrite, meetup etc.

All these platforms allow you to publish your Zoom URL; however, these pages are public, and hackers and bad actors can easily sniff out the zoom URLs using web scripting tools.

Waiting Room

As the name suggest this is one of the new features that is announced by Zoom.

It is basically enabled by default and it means that every time a participant enters you meeting, by default they would have to go in the meeting room, and from there you as a Business IT Owner and Business IT provider would then have to let the participant in.


Many were initially caught out by not enabling passwords on their Zoom meetings.  Hackers had an easy job of just guessing meeting room IDs which are usually just a series of 10 digits.

Zooms response to this issue was to enable passwords on all meetings as default.

Anytime you create a new meeting now, passwords are enabled. This password is displayed in the meeting invite and is also encoded in the meeting room URL.

Again because it's encoded in the URL anyone with the URL can enter so do not make the URL public.

Screen Sharing

This is pretty much one of the most important tips. Always be vary of the fact that anyone who is in the zoom meeting with you might recording the session, this means that whatever data you are sharing on your screen is viewed by the external or the meeting participants, so be very careful who you are sharing your screen with.

Data Centre

One of the latest features in Zoom is that it allows you to choose which Data Centre you meeting will take place in.

If you are from one of the below sectors, then you would know that your data cannot leave Australia:

1. Health Sector.

2. Finance Sector.

3. Legal Sector.

If you found this article useful and would like further information on how to secure your online meetings no matter what platform you are on, then fill out the form on the right and get in touch with us.

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