Is your business website hosted with GoDaddy?

Is your business website hosted with GoDaddy?

If your business’s WordPress website is hosted with any of these companies, you must take these urgent actions now

Just in the recent past GoDaddy mentioned about a major breach in its security, more than a million of its customers including major brands like tsoHost, Media Temple were the ones that were affected.

Have you heard about GoDaddy at all? It is was one of the platforms that was built back in the 1990's to design and host our website.

Later it became famous for selling domain names. These days it is a huge internet company, with revenue of more than $3 billion.

One of the major things GodDaddy does is, it hosts Word Press websites which is the most common form of website hosting platform on the internet.

It was mentioned back then that the hacker got into one of the wordpress websites back in september, how? by using a compromised password.

And before the hacker was kicked out in the middle of November, it had acces to data from 1.2 million Word Press hosted customers.

What else could a hacker get hold of?

  • Email Addresses
  • Word Press Admin Passwords
  • All other usernames and passwords

If your business website is hosted on WordPress, you should not panic. You may not be affected at all. The company hosts 5 million websites in total. It says it has resethe breached passwords and contacted everyone affected.

However, there are 2 risks you must protect yourself against.

The first is phishing. This is where a cyber-criminal sends an email pretneding to be someone they are not, such as a big supplier or your bank. They want you to click on a bad link to wither give them access to your network, or accidentally download mailicious software known as malware. 

Any time your email address is compromised you will most probably get more phishing emails. 

The only way to mitigate this risk it to train your staff so that they know how to check emails properly and have different cyber security awareness training. 

As we know the hacker had access to some million records it is better that you follow these steps to make sure your website is safe:

  • Change all admin passwords on your website.
  • Check there are no new admins that have been setup without your knowledge.
  • Run a thorough security scan on your website.

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