IT For Home

IT For Home

In todays world everyone relies on computers, even at home to fully utilise all the gadgets around us. When these gadgets do not operate properly you may need to call a technician to get them working again.


Personal Computer

Computers are used across so many cross-sections of life, many of us would be lost without them!

  • Online Shopping and Banking.
  • Remote Access to Work.
  • Researching for school assignments.
  • Staying in contact with friends and family.
  • Home entertainment including streaming video and gaming.


Smart Phones

When we are out we use our smart phones to take photos, navigate around, and check emails and appointments. Smart phones contain photos, videos, music, our calendar, contacts, as well as maps and all the apps we use to access Facebook, Youtube and other online services.

XpressTex is able to help with Smart Phones and Personal Computer problems. We provide Home IT Support 24/7, 365-days a year to help you out whenever there is an issue.


Home Internet Connections (ADSL, Cable and NBN)

As gadgets and computers become more reliant on Internet access, the need for a stable and proper Internet connection becomes even more important. If you need any assistance with the setup of your new Internet connection, call XpressTex on 1300 991 030 anytime to have one of our friendly staff ensure all your devices are online and integrated with each other.


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Looking for a reliable IT company in Melbourne? XpressTex can help. With a team of certified professionals and over ten years experience, our staff are able to fix even the most troublesome computer issues. For more information about our computer repair services, please visit our website at

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