Small Business IT Support

Small Business IT Support

XpressteX offers great IT Support for Small to Medium Businesses in Melbourne Metro.

Covering most of the Suburbs of Melbourne, XpressteX can offer services as:

AS an Expert in Small Business Solutions XpressteX Can offer great advice over the phone, and offer strategic solutions for your whole infrastructure.

Small Business rely on fast and efficient IT to increase their productivity, hence they want to rely on a service provider which can offer great Sales and Service round the clock 24/7.

IT Support for Small Businesses can be divided as follows:

  • Server Support.
  • Helpdesk/Remote Support.
  • Infrastructure Support.
  • IT Manager.

Server Support

Productivity of any business relies on how fast and efficient the network is. The backbone of a network is a good server.

This is where XpressteX can assist in offering free consultation if you already have a network or can offer you a solution from ground up.

Helpdesk/Remote Support

Helpdesk/Remote Support is vital for Small Businesses and this is where XpressteX excels as we have technicians all over Australia to offer assistance 24/7.

Infrastructure Support

Infrastructure Support is basically the need to monitor and maintain a secure and healthy infrastructure through which all the systems can operate efficiently.

IT Manager

Lastly all the Small Businesses do not have the time and resources to worry about the direction of the IT Systems in place.

These businesses need a dedicate resource to maintain and have a clear direction to where they are headed.

This is where XpressteX can greatly assist I offering dedicated Account Manages who can keep a clear record and have a clear direction to implement a solution spanning over 5 years term.


For All your IT needs give XpressteX a call on 1300 991 030.



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