Small Business IT Support and Ransomware

Small Business IT Support and Ransomware

Business IT Support is something which none can survive without.

All of us now know what sort of damage the newest form of Digital Virus known as Ransomware can do.

Just for those who are still unsure of how this billion Dollars industry works let me explain it simply.

  • Email is sent by attachment, or the hackers are constantly looking for network vulnerable ports to hack into a server.
  • Once the hackers they run a script to encrypt all off the files on the server, and I mean all of them.
  • They leave a note to have them paid in bitcoins so that no one can trace the end person who gets the funds.


Ransomware has evolved over the years a lot, in terms of how it operates and how it attacks.

There are couple of things which we now know.

  • Once the files are encrypted it is nearly impossible to have them decrypted with any anti-virus.
  • The only instantaneous recovery method is via latest backups stored somewhere external.
  • The Ransom price nowadays is $10,000.00 upwards.

However, some basics have not changed at all which helps all of the small businesses to stay safe.


  • Biggest and best prevention is Backups, Offsite + Onsite.
  • Up to date Anti-Virus on all of the machines.
  • Full network security and patches for any sort of office networks.

Business IT Support is something which XpressteX specializes in and has been exceeding customer’s expectations since 2009.

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