The Working from Home Tech Guide

The Working from Home Tech Guide

From a technology perspective working from home is much easier now.

the growth in the mobile industry, cloud storage and cloud computing and different project management tools have made most office-based roles achievable from home.

The biggest challenge and threat is to make it perfectly safe for staff an colleagues to be able to work from home, the big question is how do we make sure about this.

In this guide, I would be covering some of the easily missed items that you as a Business Owner should be aware of when you send your employee's to work from home.

Data Security

It is much easier to have a secure IT Hardware when there is one location and/or IT managed Office machinery.

But when you are working from it is much harder. The basics should be something as simple as to make sure that the screen is locked at all time when the computer is not in use so that the data is as secure as possible.

 Staff Training

Do not assume that your staff members are all up to date with training, although most of the people have embraced the latest technologies e.g. Microsoft Teams but still some people need extensive training in different collaboration tools. 

As a Business Owner or Office Manager it is your responsibility to organize training like these much sooner rather than later.

Getting the basics right

When we talk about basics, we are referring to IT equipment, in this particular case I am talking about internet. Perhaps some of your staff members for one reason or another do not have a solid and a fast internet connection, how would you facilitate the staff member? Maybe a 4G/5G dongle would be handy.

Tech Support

Your existing IT Support provider should be made aware of the changes you are making as in allowing your staff members to work from home.

Most of the IT Support providers normally provide Remote IT Support, but you need to take a closer look at your existing IT Support Contract and see what locations are covered. If there is only one location i.e. Your main Head Office, then you need to speak to your provider and have it all sorted before you allow staff to work from home.

I have created a checklist for you and your staff to understand and take the necessary steps to work from home productively. You can download it here

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