What makes a good Small Business IT Support Partner

What makes a good Small Business IT Support Partner

We are all aware of the fact that IT is an important aspect of any business these days.
So, the question is what makes a good Small Business IT Support.
Accountability and Reliability
The most important aspect of running your small business is to rely on your suppliers whom you can rely on in the times of needs, let it be your courier driver, products supplier or any other.
Same way you would need to count on your IT Support provider that when you or your staff needs help they would be available for you to assist.

Expert Opinion
Can your IT Infrastructure rely on the expert opinion of your IT Support provider for your Small Business? How do you decide this? Some of the ways you can make this decision are:
• Read their Google reviews.
• Read their LinkedIn profile.
• Speak to their current customers.
• Do they have more clients within your industry.

Industry Certifications

Finding out about the industry certifications about your IT Support provider can help you differentiate between the backyard small computer shops and trusted IT Support provider.
As you rely on your Small Business IT to be available and online at all times make sure you let an expert handle it otherwise the cost of not doing so is going to be

a lot more than what you will be saving by going with a cheap IT provider.

IT is not what you are paying for, it is what you are getting for IT

IT is never about, how much it is going to cost you, why?
Let us assume, that you got an IT partner just to call upon when there is a problem.
Now, let’s assume that you are a small business and are comfortable this way because:
• All your emails are in the cloud.
• Your accounting software is in the cloud e.g. Xero and/or Myob.
• Your documents are also in the cloud.
• Your business has got approximately 10 computers.

Ok, so everything is running good until one of your customers call you that you sent them an invoice asking for a payment of $20,00.00 into a different bank account, your admin person will obviously this is not the case, but this can happen to all of your clients, which means informing all of your clients, embarrassment and then informing about this Data breach to all of your clients.
These sorts of challenges happen every day and can be easily avoided with a good Small Business IT Support provider for your business.
To know more about how XpressteX can take away these challenges call us today on 1300 991 030 or visit us at https://www.xpresstex.com.au/business-it-support/

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