What makes a good Small Business IT Support Partner

What makes a good Small Business IT Support Partner

IT Support is essential for small business these days,so it’s worth asking the question:
What should businesses look for with their Small Business IT Support company?

Accountability and Reliability

Running your small business often involves relying on suppliers such as your courier driver, product supplier or telecommunications company.
It’s the same with IT Support. When you or your staff need help, you require an IT Support provider that is able to assist in a timely fashion, and fix issues with your IT Infrastructure.

Expert Opinion

How do you know if you can rely on the expert opinion of your IT Support provider for your Small Business?

Some of the ways you can make this decision are:

  • Read their Google reviews.
  • Read their LinkedIn profile.
  • Speak to their current customers.
  • Find out if they have other clients within your industry.

Industry Certifications

Finding out which industry certifications your IT Support provider possesses can help you differentiate between a backyard computer shop and the trusted IT Support provider.
As with larger companies, Small Business IT equipment needs to be online and available at all times. Make sure you let an expert handle it, otherwise the cost of going with a cheap IT provider will be a lot more than what you will be saving with the cheaper provider.

What you pay versus what you receive with IT Support

Let’s assume that you have chosen an IT partner to call upon when there is a problem.

Many small business owners are comfortable with this approach, because:

  • All your emails are in the cloud.
  • Your accounting software is in the cloud e.g. Xero and/or Myob.
  • Your documents are also in the cloud.
  • Your business owns a small number of computers. e.g. between 5 and 10 computers.

So everything is running well until one of your customers calls you about an invoice they received from your company, asking them for a payment of $20,00.00.

When you review the invoice they received, you notice the invoice includes payment details for a different bank account, one which has nothing to do with your company.

Your accounts person will recognize that the invoice is fraudulent, and advise the customer not to pay the invoice.

Now imagine this happening to all of your clients. You would need to informing all of your clients that a Data breach has occurred in your systems, and potentially lose confidence they may have had in your business. The damage and embarrassment this can cause is significant.

These sorts of challenges happen every day and can be easily avoided with a good Small Business IT Support provider for your business.

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