Best Practice Medical IT Support and Upgrade

Best Practice Software support and upgrade for your Medical Practice:Upgrading to the latest Best Practice software cause a havoc!This is a very common statement within our prospective clients, why?Because, as per the rules and latest definitions there are regular updates that needs to be performed on Best Practice and other Medical Software however if not done correctly will halt your Practice to a stand still till the issue is resolved.So what is the right way to do the software updates for Best Practice and other Medical Software?Short answer is, there is none.It all comes down to what your practice setup is, and quite a few other questions e.g:

  • Your Practice current IT Setup.
  • How many workstations your practice has got.
  • What other secured messaging programmes you use in your practice, to transfer results.
  • How often is the data backed up.
  • What internet speed you have.

There is a common trend/process which we as your IT partners follow to make sure there is a minimum disruption so that doctors and practice managers are not disturbed, and all the updates are performed in a fashion that everything is smooth.The process which we follow to upgrade Best Practice software is as below:

  • Download the upgrade onto to the server and do not install.
  • Confirm a time with the practice, ideally after business hours.
  • Make sure all the workstations are left on at that time.
  • Make a full backup of the best practice software database just before the upgrade.
  • Test the backup you have just created.
  • Install the latest software on the server and test it by running the programme.
  • Install the software on each individual workstation.
  • Restart each machine 3 times to test the authenticity.
  • Make a full backup of Best Practice Software before the next business day.

If you are unsure of how to perform any of these steps and/or do not have the time or the expertise, then let us handle this task for you as we do this for our Medical Practice clients on a regular basis.You can contact us on the Medical IT Support page.

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